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Mentat services

Mentat can provide assistance to supplement your development team: small projects, short-term holiday management, longer term planned projects, short term skills shortages during full-time recruitment campaigns. Minimising overheads, compared to other recruitment options.

Mentat Software Technologies

Software technologies

Microsoft Visual Studio development is our primary working environment, using C# for Windows and Web applications, client, server, api, services. The .NET system for ASP.NET forms and MVC applications. Database systems: high availability mirrored SQL Server solutions, MySql applications, and MongoDb no-Sql development. Browser based applications, using jQuery, Angularjs, various animation systems and other libraries.

Software solutions

As well as the typical web interfaces, to payment gateways, for example, we use server side api connections to communicate with many other types of systems. The interfaces might be IP based, such as HTTP, SOAP, Sockets, using various data formats, such as binary, JSON and XML.